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Autumn in New York

For Fall we headed to Manhatten for inspiration. Interestingly, we didn't make the journey by plane but rather by music. Billie Holiday reminded us just why autumn in New York is so exciting and so inviting. Inspiration takes a turn to sky scraper colours and bold, clean shapes. Take a bite out of our Big Apple collection and be sure to let us know what you think!

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Our primary business is wholesale women's clothing sales to shops that match our target market and pricepoints. Our sales reps are on the look-out for the next fresh spot to carry SoulDaisy. If there's a swellegant shop in your neighborhood that you think we'd fit in well with, feel free to RECOMMEND A STORE. If you are a store owner or buyer and like what you see so far, REGISTER AS A WHOLESALE BUYER to gain access to our password-restricted online WHOLESALE CATALOGUE.

We hope you enjoy our modern clothing collection available wherever daisies grow and souls flourish - "Forget not that the wind loves to play with your hair and the sand loves to feel your feet".

souldaisy's current collection features illustrations by Michelle Yu.

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